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09/09/10 10:59 AM #1    

Jim Sober

Welcome to the Macarthur High School Class Of 1960 forums.

C'mon! Start something! Anything!

Keep the site interesting and "New."

09/19/10 04:39 PM #2    

Ron Oakes

Hello everyone.  Just a short note to let those who know and remember  me that I am still around.  I am sorry that I won't be able to attend the reunion this October.  My wife and I have planned a cruise for the same time.  I wish now that I would have found out about the reunion before planning the cruise.  I would have attended to see the faces of old friends.  Anyway, I hope that everyone attending has a great time. 


Ron Oakes


10/10/10 07:13 PM #3    


Gary Hunt

Hey gang,  Just want those of you who worked on the Reunion to know , " you did a fantastic job."  Joanne and her group prvided us with three great days of memories, music, friendships renewed, and good times revisited.  Thank you to you all.  A special thanks to Jim Sober for his technical advice and help.  Papa Sober took good care of his Mac Family Thanks Jim.  Those of you who were not able to be there, Plan on it in 2015. 

10/10/10 09:42 PM #4    


Mike Speasl


It was so great to see all of those that could attend the reunion.  We all just wish those that could not would have.  You missed a fantastic time.  The worse part of the whole get together was trying to catch someone in a position so I could see your name tags without you being aware of it....   With so many of you I didn't have a clue until you turned around.  I just hate getting old.........  But it beats the other.  Anyway hats off to those that put this all together and Joanne who ramroded the whole reunion. 

Thanks guys for a great time.

Mike Speasl


10/13/10 11:51 AM #5    

Sam Baum

To all who attended the 50th reunion. It was soooooooooooooo, great to see everyone. I wish I could have talked with everone. 



sammy baum

10/18/10 04:49 PM #6    


Kingsley Langenberg

I just want to say that the class reunion was wonderful. My wife and I had a wonderful evening. Kudos to everyone involved. Don't miss the next one!

The room and food were perfect.  The program ran smoothly and fulfilled my wishes for the event.

Yes, I'm glad I showed up.

01/09/11 07:06 PM #7    

Beverly Osborne (Steinberg)

Kudos to everyone involved in putting together Mac's 50th Reunion!  I am so glad I attended as  it was just wonderful how well it was put together and was attended by so many!  It was obvious a lot of hours and hard work went into organizing and making it happen.   I appreciate every individual who gave their time and heart to putting it together and making it the greatest reunion Mac has probably ever had.  All of you are awesome!  Also the directory is great to have.  I am surrounded by MHS alumni and didn't even know it!  Thanks to everyone involved in putting it together & getting it mailed out during the busy holiday season.  This website is so nice and it has been great connecting on facebook with so many 1960 grads.  I hope everyone has a great year in 2011!  

06/04/11 10:59 PM #8    

Patricia Payne (Schroat)

So Sorry to hear of the passing of old friend and classmate Sharon Dalamas.  She will be missed.

10/01/12 01:27 PM #9    


Tom Foy

Trying to find Mike Ryan and see if he has pics of his old classic hot rod from 1957. I think he restored a clssic car I tried to buy in 1957 when I was 15 but my father said I had to wait till I was 16. I heard Mike bought the car and restored it. I believe it was a 1937 Chevy Coupe. I now live, retired in AZ and am restoring a 1950 GMC Truck.

10/27/16 10:35 AM #10    

Jim Sober

Mrs. Elizabeth Braden who was the first-grade teacher for some of us who attended Dennis School. 
Gary Murfin wanted to ask those who knew her or who were her students to send her a birthday card next month.  

She will be 97 years  young on November 27.

Her address is 

Liz Braden
875 West McKinley
Decatur, Illinois

Mrs. Braden’s husband died a couple of years ago and she is in an assisted living facility. 

Many in this picture, from Bob Williams, were together all the way through MacArther 1960:

Back row - Mrs. Braden, Donald Henzel, Mary Thompson, Kathleen Burke, Jay Nicholson, Tim Toney,  Ron Miller, Bob Woods, Gene Nicholson

Middle - Molly and Margie Sands, Fred Sandburg, Harold Swartz, Bob Williams, Jim Sober, Martha Neet, Sally Jo Watts, Sheree Rothman

Front  -  Linda Richardson, Gary Murfin,Helen Robb, Tommy Burwell, Dianne Sunkel, Bobby Sanks, Martha Miller, Bob Wittke





From Herald and Review Nov 2013: Elizabeth Braden, 93, sits with her husband, Bill Braden, a 92-year-old World War II veteran, at VFW Post 99 in Decatur. 

08/14/17 01:29 PM #11    

James Bader

Sorry to hear about Bob Lyon's passing.  The thing I remember most about Bob was that when I first came to MacArthur I took Latin and apparently sat in the same seat he did the year before.  The Latin teacher (miss dottie? ...) must have really liked him and because I sat in his seat I could do no wrong!  Thanks for that Bob.  Jim Bader

08/15/17 10:04 AM #12    

Jim Loewen

At our 50th reunion, Bob shared with me a truly scary experience he had in 9th grade in Litchfield, IL, a sundown town down near St. Louis. Bob was on the Decatur HS freshman basketball team, while we were all at Woodrow or Roosevelt Jr. HS's. He was the only white starter. The Litchfield audience was overtly racist toward DHS's black team and also toward Bob, who was, after all, in their parlance, a "nigger-lover." Near the end of the game, an altercation occurred between Bob and their center, who had been fouling Bob repeatedly, with no fouls called. Bob "ccidentally" elbowed him in the nose while grabbing a rebound, prompting a near-riot, ending the game, and the team had to leave immediately, I think without even showering.

Not different from other sundown town stories, but vivid to hear told to me personally at the reunion.

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